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Manufacturing - Robert M. Hadley Company, Inc.

Our manufacturing starts with the winding operators who are familiar with toroid, bobbin, layer and planar windings. They utilize wire sizes as small as #45 and as large as #6, as well as varying thicknesses of copper foil. Next, our soldering and assembly operators build durability and reliability into our devices which can handle voltages up to 30kV. This is usually the longest portion of our manufacturing process and great care is taken to be sure everything is perfect. Every operator is trained and certified to our internal soldering standard that is specific to the types of connections used inside our transformers. We also employ multiple operators who are certified to NASA STD-8739.3.

Our polymeric operations include vacuum impregnation, staking and potting. We have the best-equipped and staffed potting room in our industry, including operators certified to NASA STD-8739.1A. In addition, we have a fabrication department that works with sheet metal and sheet fiberglass to support manufacturing. Special tooling, fixtures and molds are made to aid all of our operations.