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Custom Products Quality Transformers for the Aerospace Industry

The custom products we design and manufacture at Robert M. Hadley Company, Inc. include transformers, inductors, reactors and coils. The devices vary in size with some smaller than an inch and others needing to be lifted with two hands.

The transformers are primarily used in power applications however we are also capable of building them for audio, signal and saturable applications. We have been known to specialize in compact, encapsulated, high voltage power transformers that are rated as high as 30 kV.

Inductors, reactors and coils can look very similar because they share many of the same electrical and mechanical characteristics. Our designers strive to meet customers’ requirements and exceed their expectations.

Robert M. Hadley Company, Inc. designs utilize a full range of custom and commercial off-the-shelf cores and other materials that meet the temperature, outgassing and the other customer specific requirements each device may require.

We have been working closely with the government on documents that oversee Transformers and Inductors, MIL-PRF-27 and MIL-STD-981, since their inception. Durability and reliability while exceeding the customers’ expectations are designed and built into every device we make

In addition, Robert M. Hadley Company, Inc. is well-equipped to test both electrical and environmental requirements. These are also available as a service for customer-built devices to their specifications.

Our process is completed as listed below:

  • Communication satellites
  • Earth resources satellites
  • James Web Space telescope (JWST)
  • Space station power supply
  • Fleet Ballistic missiles
  • Radar jammers
  • Naval weapons systems
  • Surface to air missiles
  • Aegis
  • PAC-3
  • Space science instruments such as the curiosity rover, mars rover soil extraction tool, Canadian arm on ISS
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing: Assembly/Winding
  • Qualification testing