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Process - Robert M. Hadley Company, Inc.

Out of all the transformer manufacturers out there, you can trust our process. Our company was built on uncompromising principles and tireless enthusiasm to build high quality and durable custom engineering solutions to resolve our clients’ challenges and issues.

To better inform you with our process of producing high quality and durable transformers and inductors, here is a list of facts you should know:

  • Our products are custom designed, engineered and tested to your needs and requirements.
  • Our design-based engineers complete a Hadley-Spec document based on your requirements and characteristics that are verified by testing.
  • We promise to provide you with meticulous attention to detail from the moment you contact us until the finished product is completed.
  • A high-performance vacuum system is essential to the thorough impregnation of aerospace units, especially high-voltage types. Our top-of-the-line system is capable of rapidly achieving a 20-mTorr vacuum.
  • High voltage assemblies and magnetics are tested for partial discharge using highly sensitive equipment.
  • Magnetics are highly labor intensive. Experienced and highly skilled group leaders with a high degree of engineering and management oversight perform continuous on-the-job training of our employees.
  • Our staff is well equipped with talented and dedicated technicians who perform electrical characteristic tests to evaluate units prior to shipment, as well as at critical points during production. The test department also performs the environmental and qualification tests of MIL-T-27 and MIL-STD-981.
  • All products undergo extensive testing upheld by rigorous standards.
  • Precision layer winding requires control of wire tension and the proper placement of windings. This is essential in constructing coils that provide optimal electrical ratings and the smallest physical dimensions possible.
  • Coil finishing is a time-consuming operation due to the variation between designs and the delicate handling involved. Making robust solder connections and properly insulating them requires considerable attention to detail.

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