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Custom Transformers

Are you looking for a transformer but the standard catalog transformers just don't quite fit your requirements? Here at the Robert M. Hadley Company, Inc., Inc., we can design, engineer, and manufacture, or even optimize your existing design to cater to your specific price/size/thermal requirements. Our design group is world class and we will design the exact custom transformers you need.

The transformer group includes power (single or multi-phase), audio, saturable, and encapsulated high-voltage designs. Inductors and reactors are the power, audio, and saturable types. Ratings rarely exceed 5kVA. The orientation is principally for military (MIL-PRF-27) or space flight operations (MIL-STD-981).

Most available core types and materials, including ferrites toroids, C-cores, and laminations are used. Materials used for winding coils include copper foil for high current applications and heavy gauge to ultra-fine copper wire. Roughly two-thirds of the units produced weigh less than a pound.

Magnetics are highly labor intensive. On the job training is performed continuously by experienced and highly skilled group leaders with a high degree of engineering and management oversight.

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